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Licence Agreement

How does our music Licensing work?

All PRS returning broadcasters, music supervisors, production houses and advertising agencies are granted a licence to use shorties music for free on synchronised television programming, advertising and radio broadcast with no additional MCPS (or Other) license fees needed throughout the world.


Condition of use!

You'll need to submit the following info to the broadcaster, so that any performance royalties (PRS) can be paid to Shorties. This is simply the track title and composer name, as on the downloaded file:  Title / Barry Short. The Publisher is: Shorties. 


Can you use Shorties for non-broadcast use? 

NO, if you want to use a track for personal use please contact us.

Any copying, re-mixing, re-selling or distribution is strictly prohibited! 

All music remains the copyright of Shorties music which is part of Audiotake limited © all rights reserved. Registered company in England & Wales No. 8033904. VAT 208312050.

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